Disentangle 2 inboxes from Yahoo!


New Email
Hi all

Another newbie with a question.

I have 2 Yahoo! Mail accounts. The first, lets call it ABC01@yahoo.co.uk is my main account for all my personal stuff. The second, lets call it ABC02@yahoo.com is used for work. I log into my main account and I can swap between both.

For security reasons I'd like to separate the 2 accounts so they're only accessible if I log in individually.

If I'm in my primary account I can go into settings and click on that secondary work inbox. I can then see an option to remove mailbox but it says "Disconnecting a mailbox will permanently remove all messages and data from Yahoo! Mail and cannot be undone." I'm a little concerned here that everything in there will be gone completely, something I don't want. I just want them to be separate.

Does anyone know if what I want to do is possible? It seems logical enough to me but Yahoo! doesn't make it easy.