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Approximately 3 days ago, my email started to automatically move from my Inbox to my Trash folder where it is deleted the next day. I have not changed any of my settings. How can I correct this problem?I have trtied to find help online and checked my filters - 0 of 200.


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Att.net webmail is where the problem was occuring. I use it remotely and outlook express at home. I got some help last night. Found the setting in outlook express 'save email on the server until deleted' had mysteriously changed. Not sure how it happens, but something very similar happened a few years ago. Thanks!

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Any chance your account was compromised and it's a spammer trying to cover their tracks?

Are there a lot of bounce messages in there too?

Try changing your password and any account reset info such as alternate email addresses and security questions and answers.

Did changing your password and verifying your account info fix the problem?

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