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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help as at my wits end. I use 123-reg as an e-mail host for my small business. I noticed in December that some e-mails from one sub-folder had disappeared. I contacted 123 & they said they were no longer on the server so couldn't be recovered. I've checked every program that receives the forwarded mail to ensure the IMAP settings are correct & no auto-archive has been set up - they're all fine. Today I noticed that another huge amount of e-mails has gone & a really important sub-folder has also disappeared. 123-Reg say that on the 12th of January over 200 e-mails were deleted by me (which I didn't do) but I can't see them anywhere - deleted items etc. My outlook sync log indicates that the changes were made on the server.

My question is that as I use Outlook 2016 & have an ost file is there anyway to restore the account to a date before the 11th? Are there backups of the e-mails somewhere on my computer?

Any help anybody could give me would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Trish,

I think what you want to do is turn off the Auto Archive feature in your Microsoft Outlook.

Near the top left click File, and then click Options. On the next screen, click Advanced and then scroll down and click to AutoArchive button to adjust those settings:

MS Outlook Auto Archive.jpg
Hi popowich,, I have a similar problem. I used this fix unsuccessfully. I was just reviewing emails in a folder (with subfolders) and while clicking on the little arrow arrow next to the file name, all the email in the folder disappeared. I'm not certain if they were all read but all of it disappeared. I did NOT delete them with a delete key. I must tell you that I just started using Outlook 2016 on a brand new laptop with Windows 10. My navigation skills aren't so good yet. I've tried everything I know to find the missing emails but haven't yet. Note also that I checked "filtering" and there is noting set. Oh, while I was clicking around the Title above list emails, where you see "All, Unread, Mentions, Newest"...the mail came back in a flash but I clicked again and they were gone. I clicked around to get them back with no luck. I would appreciate your help; it's making me CRAZIER than I already am. Many thanks. Sharon in Allentown, PA ;0)


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Look near the top right of the folder. Is there is a search you accidentally started that can be X'ed out to stop a search with 0 results?

Is it only 1 folder that is empty now?
Thank you popowich. You won't believe this but I've totally forgotten which folder it was now and I cannot recreate the issue! I'm so sorry and appreciate your kind help. I'm sure it will come to me and when it does, I'll reach out to you again. Thanks and Happy Holidays.

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