Different person's name appears next to my email address


New Email
Hi. I went to sign up for an on-line payment service for my gas and electric bill this morning, and when I started to type in my gmail address, a grayed out version of someone else's name (one of my contacts) appeared next to my gmail address when the dropdown box with my available email addresses opened. When I highlighted the Gmail address, it highlighted the other person's name as well. We do not share any common letters at the beginning of either our first or last names, and no other grayed out names appeared next to my other email addresses. It appears that this person's name has been linked somehow to my email address. Why would this be happening? It is kind of creepy. I have the same exact e-mail name for yahoo as well and the grayed out name does not appear next to that address. This only happened on one site, but it was repeatable on that site. I am using Chrome as a browser, Windows 7 as OS, AVG as security. I posted this question on Gmails help desk and did not receive a response.