Desperately seeking email advice.


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Im having email issues in my small business and was referred to this site.
I will try to explain my issues as clear and simple as possible.

On my website, I have an image with an email address for people to contact me (ex: forwards to my regular email (ex:

Im now getting bounce back emails that are supposedly being sent from from non existing email addresses.

I do not even have set up on any pc, so Im not sure how this happening.

Please, if you have any advice for me I would appreciate it.



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This sounds like it may be a joe job. Basically, a spammer took the email from your web site and is not using it as the From: address when sending their spams. If you post one of the bounce messages we can help you to confirm this. Creating an SPF record might slow them down but it's not possible to completely stop this activity once it's started.

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