Desperate for help. Please!!


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I have spent most of today trying to get an email out to 100 members of our non-profit 0rganization. I was dong fine until the last hour, when I started to receive a message saying my message could not be sent.
I have tried both reusing the same message by sending it out in batches of 10 names at a time and after sending it successfully, have resent the same message to the next 10 names.

That system was working well until I received the first message saying it could not be mailed. Thinking 10 names might be too many I geradually reduced the number until I reached just one name, which I erased and reloaded . . . but received the same message.

Next, I thought I saw a message about being limited to 5 emails; wasn't sure of what it meant, but logged out and back into start a new mailing session. It worked a few times until eventually it did not work at all.
In the last 2 hours I have only been able to email a total of approximately 24 messages.

I am sure the list is "good," because after using it lat month, I removed all the address that were returned as undeliverable for various reasons.

Why am I having this problem, aand what can I do to correct it. I am rapidly running out of time!!!


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Which email service are you using? Depending on your service or provider it may be best to use an email newsletter service such as AWeber that specializes in managing and sending to mailing lists.