deleting old email accounts


New Email
I have just seen on TV a scary thing about people getting all your passwords so the suggestion from the expert was to change all your passwords well easier said than done went to change my live mail/hotmail p/word but it wanted to send a confirmation to an email account that I havent used for a long time it was a virgin media now wants me to sign in to open my account using my user name and password which I no longer have so then they ask for my virgin account details but I dont have any thing to do with virgin or any of thier products so (this is the question) how on earth can i open up this account to be able to read the message that livemail has sent to it concerning my reset password I have tried phoning the virgin group only to hear a few push button 1.2.or3. and then when I get through to anything that could be helpful they ask for my virgin account details. which as i have alredy explained I dont have an account with VIRGIN.:rofl: