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The "Manage accounts" feature in Yahoo mail allows users with multiple separate email accounts to ADD additional Yahoo email accounts to a list on the Manage accounts page.
The Manage accounts page appears after clicking on the Yahoo mail sign in button so the user can then click on the chosen email account on the list to allow quick sign in.
However the Manage accounts function only seems to permit Yahoo email accounts to be ADDED to the list not DELETED.
Can someone tell me how to DELETE email accounts from the Manage accounts list?

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First, use a desktop PC to login to your primary account that you want to keep using.

After signing in, click your name in the top right of your screen to view the list of accounts you have access to:

Yahoo Manage Accounts.jpg

Click on "add or Manage Accounts", and then on the account list screen click the X next to the managed account that you want to remove:

Yahoo Delete Managed Account.jpg


New Email
I tried this solution, but it does not delete the email address from the "Manage Accounts" page. After I click on the X, I get sent to a new yahoo login screen. When I go back to the "Manage Accounts" page, the email address that I tried to delete is still there.

Now what?