Delete Unwanted Contact Suggestion Hotmail.


New Email
I am using Hotmail.
Recently I got an e-mail from a fake account, which is very similar to one of my contacts.
The only difference is that the fake account has a double "r" in the mail address, but my contact has only one "r".
I replied to this mail from the fake account (In which they asked for, what else, money.
I just sent what's this about in my reply, since this mail I got said that the person (who was supposed to be my contact) was stranded in Madrid, but I knew nothing was wrong with this person, who was and had never gone to Madrid.
I saw that Hotmail offered me to add it as a new contact.
This is when i realized the account was fake.
But now when I want to send a mail to my real contact, the fake contact is suggested in the drop down menu, when is start typing in the "To:" Bar.

So my question: How I delete this unwanted suggestion?