cursor sticking/stoping in hotmail


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When i open my hotmail,,and go to reply to certain emails,,the cursor 'sticks' and it takes forever to type. after i type one letter,,the cursor sticks,,,i wait,,type another letter,,,it sucks,,what is wrong???

I was send 'how to troubleshoot hotmail problems including blank pages and redirecting'

The problem is when I am returning an email,,,"replying" and the cursor sticks,,it takes 1 minute to type a 6 letter word, :(:confused:


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I have tried deleting caches,,,cookies,,,i have reinstalled my IE,,,I have restarted,,,and shut down my computer,,,,
I did however,,,try instead of sending a "reply",,,,,creating "new" email,,,and it doesnt seem to have the same issue with the cursor sticking,,,,so i just wont use the "reply" anymore I guess

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There has to be a better answer that will get your reply button working.

Have you upgraded to the latest version of the adobe flash plugin?

Go to FileHippo to get that and other software updated - - Download Free Software

At the top right of their page is a download that installs a checker that lets you know what updates are available.


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hello,,thank you for your time and advice,,,
I have just completed the update checker,,,and went back to see if it made a difference..I did notice ,that this problem seems to be associated with 1 particular email. I go to other emails,,go to reply,,,no hesitation or 'cursor freezing' at all,,,and if i go to this particular email,,,and copy and paste the email,,creating 'new',,,the problem doesnt happen either,,only with and when i "reply" to this one email,,,(maybe there are more,,,i randomly chose others to see if this same thing happened,,it did not,,,,,???:confused: