CryptoLocker Virus (Ransomware, Malware)


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Warning! There is a virus out there called CryptoLocker that is wiping out computers.

It is being spread both through internet downloads and as an email virus.

This virus can encrypt and wipe out your computer files leaving you with no way to get back your data.

If you get infected you will be asked for money.


If you do not quickly fix the problem your files will be lost forever.

The usual recommendations apply:

  • Do not open unexpected email attachments
  • Verify that you are running up to date anti-virus software such as McAfee.
Do you have backups of your computer files? We recommend Mozy Online Backups.

Once more, since it's important. If you do not have backups, and get infected, you will lose all of your personal data including files and pictures.

Update! It may be possible to get at least some of your old files back with a program called Shadow Explorer