Copy My Mail - IMAP Copy Script and Migration Tool


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Do you need a simple tool to copy email between one or more IMAP accounts?

This web based IMAP Copy Tool can be used to copy or move email between email provers that support IMAP.

It's a great way to move your email if:
  • You need to easily move your email to a new email host
  • You need to move more than one email account
  • You want to copy your mail and leave a backup at the original host
Some email service import tools only have the option to move email making it hard to go back to the original email service if you change your mind later.

For example, if you are a Yahoo Mail user who is tired of the constant problems, you can use this tool to make a copy of your inbox and folders to a new email service and have no worries in case you change your mind and want to later go back to using Yahoo Mail.

Please reply here if you have any questions, comments, or feedback about the Copy my Mail service.
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