Contact Name Incorrect Composing Mail


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Using Yahoo mail via web interface on Win 10.

I have a contact that comes up incorrectly when composing email. Using fake names for the example, the contact has first and last names of Fred Glick (no middle name). The email address is

When composing an email, when I enter fred into the To: field the following is shown as the suggested contact:


That is, the last part of the email address (bear from foobear) is shown in all caps as the last name of the contact. I get the same thing if I enter Glick or foo or bear in the To: field.

The entry in the To: list goes to the correct address, just the display when composing is wrong. The contact looks fine in the contact list and it looks fine and works correctly on my iPhone and iPad.

Deleting and reentering the contact does not help.