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Here is my situation:

To make a long story short, I was requested to scan a copy of my drivers' license and email the image to my bank. This was a legitimate request; the problem came in when I typed the wrong domain name in the email address. (I typed the username correctly). I sent the email and DID NOT receive a delivery failure notice.

I looked up the domain name -- it is registered to someone in Australia.

Will the owner of the domain name be able to access my email -- and see my drivers license?? How concerned should I be???



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There is no way to be sure of what happened. Technically it could have been not accepted and then you also did not get the bounce message, it's also possible it was accepted at the wrong domain by some sort of catchall and it's now sitting in their spam or other unmonitored folder. There are no way to rule out the possibility that someone else received and now has a copy of your drivers license. How concerned you should able also depends on the type of person who may have received it. If they are anything like me they would have deleted it and moved on. Even if you are concerned there is only so much you can do about it. The credit agencies will let you freeze your credit for several months and alert if someone tried to under new credit under your name. I'll be interested to know any additional actions that you take, if any.

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