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I inherited a Acer Laptop with XP from my Brother. I like it but I cannot compose on my email ( I says 'error on page' at the bottom of the page. I can received emails okay but cannot send out. Any ideas?
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There is a new compose button on gmail. Make sure that your browser is up to date. If it is, try a different browser. (if you use internet explorer, try Mozilla etc) Also check to make sure that it isn't blocking pop ups. The new compose button may run into problems with this. Let us know if what works so we can help others.

PS I changed your email and removed the link. You should never post your personal email address in a public place unless you love to get spam. :)


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Which web browser are you using?

On your XP you might not have the latest IE

Does it work OK for you with FireFox?

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Theresa: Thanks again. I really appreciate your help. A lot better than some chat rooms I have visited.
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