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Right, my father in law runs a business selling kicthens and bedrooms, they had a website built for them in around 2006, hosted on easyinternetsoloutions, they have always used the emails provided with the website, and have aways used outlook express 6 to receive and send their emails, about a month ago though they encountered a problem, they can still recieve e mails as normal, but now when they try to send an email it just fails.
I've tried loads of online guides, i've changed the ports, the mail server, everything!!
Im usually quite good at this kind of thing but im completely baffled, the only thing i can think is that they are using outlook express 6 and internet explorer 8, and maybe there is a clash?
To be honest the computer is brutally old, but its only used for their business emails so they are not willing to upgrade, which was my suggestion!
Can anyone help me out?



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Which service provider does your father-in-law use for their internet connection?

Did they recently install/upgrade/change the anti-virus or firewall on their computer resulting in outbound port 25 (smtp) being blocked?

Once we know their ISP we can give you some more specific tests to run to help you better troubleshoot the problem.

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Right after speaking to him again (he isnt computer literate!) his email doesnt come from his ISP it actually comes from his website host, FreeVirtualServers, I've checked the SMTP ports and all seems fine there, he uses POP3 aswell.