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I have been having problems when sending e-mail for a while now, it doesn't happen all the time but it is beccoming more frequent of late. People are receiving e-mails from me in chinese and I have no idea why. i have checked the settings and the international language is set to Western European (ISO) can anybody help as this is beginning to cause me problems with my small business (not for profit)

Please help


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Hi, ana,

Welcome to the forums !

Just curious.... what email service are you using (Gmail, Yahoo, Opera, etc.) ? And do you use webmail or an offline client (Outlook, Thunderbird) ?

And what service(s) do your recipients use ?


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Hi Foggy

Thank you for getting back to me. I am using windows live mail and a BT connect service at the office (virgin media at home) and I'm pretty sure most of those who are having the problem are using Outlook


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Hi, ana

I'm afraid Ray (popowich) is going to have to address the BT one. I'm not familiar with BT at all.

But, FWIW, if by "Outlook" you mean the email client (part of MS Office) I myself use Outlook (2007) and, although I'm the furthest thing from an expert on this, I can't think of anything off the top of my head that would account for the Chinese characters. ???

I did, however, do a quick search online and it seems there is a possibility that the problem is with the recipients' Outlook settings. E.g. one site suggested that playing with the settings in Outlook (specifically the encoding options) might fix things.

At another site (Ask Leo), although the article itself is not referring to Chinese characters specifically, in the comments section there was an interesting comment by "Doc Ray" about settings in his Windows Live stationery.

Perhaps one or both of these ideas are places to start. ???

As I say, "popowich" will have to reply regarding BT, if that might be the problem.

I'll keep looking around online for possible answers. :)


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Hi Ana,

Try turning off and/or deleting any unneeded stationary and signatures.

Are the characters usually at the start, beginning, or scattered through the email?

Also, a virus/spyware scan might be a good idea too if you have not done one recently.

:welcome: to Email Questions!


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Hi Popwich and Foggy

Thank you both for your helpful info. Someone had mentioned to me it might be the recipients outlook that was the problem. I have been having problems also with the windows live stationary so I have now gotten rid of this and sent e-mails today without it to people who have had the chinese e-mails... it would appear that the whole of the e-mail is in chinese although the any attachments are fine!!

I will see whether the ones sent today arrive ok. I will also run a virus scan today.

Many thanks again to you both will let you know how I get on :)


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Just to let you know that removing the stationary from the e-mails has worked no more chinese e-mails so far,

Thanks for your help :-0