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After godaddy killed our website...i decided to take business elsewhere to create a new site (i hate godaddy now, but its all good ill just make the ecommerce site bigger and better). I have forwarded the domain to the new hosting, iPower. The last thing left is to get the email set back up but im not sure what i need to do.

I setup a gmail account with our domain on the godaddy server, but how do i switch gmail to go to the new ipower account? Please help!


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What is the domain of the email account?

If it's a account you shouldn't need to make any changes.

If you are having a Gmail account use pop3 to check a personal/business domain name you need to use (port 110) and (port 587). This apparently assumes that iPower is hosting your DNS and has created these records in your zone file for you. Additional information about configuring email clients for iPower can be found here :

IPOWER Knowledgebase - How To: Configuring an Email Client for your IPOWER POP/IMAP mailbox

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Thanks i figured out what i need to do. I guess you have to submit a request with ipower to change the MX records.