Changing Email


New Email
I have used Yahoo(AT&T) mail for upwards of 20 years, and it has generally served me well-especially since I am very lacking in technical skills on computers. However, I have decided that it is time to change since 1) Yahoo is now owned by Verizon, 2) I have so many spam addresses (some where over 1,000) that the "block" feature no longer works, and 3) I would hope to find something that is less bombarded by the big time spammers, e.g., the names are spoofed and the addresses are changed by only one (or more) characters so that blocking does absolutely no good.

My problem, as previously stated, I am not technically knowledgeable about computers and/or the ancillary items such as email. The various terms, such as email server, email client, ISP, etc. are confusing to me. I would greatly appreciate if someone could walk me through the process on 1) how to choose something other than Yahoo or Gmail, 2) how, if possible, to move/import my contacts to the new situation, and 3)whether, or not, it is appropriate to consider a "fee" email.

Thank you in advance to anyone who would address this matter for me.