Changes (deletions) to spam filter addresses won't save.


New Email
Highlight address you wish to remove
Hit "Remove"
then hit save.

This isn't working.

When I hit save, a message briefly appears in the upper right bar saying "an error occurred".

Then refresh and go back to the list and the address I removed is back. I have tried this on a number of addresses ot see if the one I was trying to remove was pecial somehow, but it won't save any address I try to remove from the Spam list.



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Which version of Yahoo Mail are you using? Classic, New, or Beta?

Go to and download/install/run their update checker :

Download FileHippo.JPG

In the settings I turn off Beta checks and turn on Run at windows startup.

You'll be looking for the adobe flash updates, but get everything up to date that you use.

If you are sure you don't need something it's also a nice time to uninstall software that has updates and you don't plan to use anymore.

If the flash updates are not the issue (they usually are) here are some additional tips for fixing the problem with your Yahoo :

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