Changed providers, Incredimail and skype not working


New Email
HI Everyone,
Thanks for this forum.
I recently changed from Primus to Bigpond, now I can't use Incredimail any more. I get a message " Socket error 6001 port 587 specified file cannot be decrypted"

I downloaded Thunderbird, put all the relevant details in , port numbers, password etc, and it works perfectly, so I am getting emails. But with all the same details in Incredimail I still get the same error message when I log on.

I have done the Help thing with incredimail, and do everything they say, but in the end I just get told to contact my provider, who then tells me to contact incredimail, because they don't support that programme.

I run Windows 7 on a laptop, no huge games, plenty of disk space left, only really use the computer for work.

I like Incredimail and actually paid for it about 15 years ago..
Please help if possible.

Thanks a lot..Phil
Incredimail is a horrible mail client, and may not be supported for various reasons (this exact issue could be one of them)...
Is there any certain reason you want to use incredimail over any other full featured free mail clients?

Im not sure if Incredimail has an encryption option, if it does disable it.