Change the display name that e-mail recipients see in

Hi all,
I have been using for the longest time which turned over to Windows Live and then to etc.

The problem is that I don't want my full name being displayed to email recipents that I reply or compose messages to. The link below explains how to do it in the program for windows, Outlook. I want to do this in Does anyone know how to change this?. Thanks.

Change the display name that e-mail recipients see - Outlook


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To change your Real Name in please follow these steps.

Click the Gear in the top right of your inbox, then select Options:

Outlook Gear Options.jpg

Under Managing Your Account click Account Details:

Outlook Account Details.jpg

On the next page click Your Info:

Outlook Your Info.jpg

Under your current display name click Edit Name:

Outlook Edit Name.jpg

After changing your first and/or last name, click Save:

Outlook Edit First Last Name.jpg