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while I use google to browse I'm okay, but as soon as I click on my gmail and/or my Wild Blue email pages the text is so HUGE. I can't find any buttons to click on (like 'view', etc.) to change the TEXT SIZE. Please help me. I've been struggling with this for four days now. I believe it's NOT a problem with my IE or GOOGLE browsers because for all the browse pages the text size is fine; until I click on my gmail or Wild Blue email button. Then the text is so large that I can't even see anything on the page. PLUS on my WB email page a a window pops up right in the middle of the screen. It has a huge "actions" offer at the bottom left, and a 'plus' mark, a garbage can, and a 'further options' icon. Since I can't navigate in this window [only the right side and the bottom screen sliders work at this point] I can't get rid of it. I am to the point of canceling both my accounts and starting over. Please help me?

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While holding down the control button on your keyboard hit the "-" key (between the 0 and + keys)

That key combination can be used to reduce the font size on the page you are viewing.

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