Can't solve a problem in Windows Live Mail


New Email
Hello everyone,

I have a situation here: I'm working in a company, which is using WLM but are based in two different cities. Recently I was tasked to make a signature with image hyperlinked to our Facebook page (I'm the youngest person in that company so basically Im' the only one who understands PC's). So i did that, it works on my computer perfectlly, it works on two more different PC's in my city branch and it even works on one of other branches PC's which I managed to do it using TeamViewer. But while making a signature for a last person, I faced a problem: we are from Lithuania, so we use letters like ą č ę ė į š ų ū ž, but we have an employee there, which is using russian language in her windows taskbar. So the problem is when I open signature html file it shows text normally like it should be with lithuanian letters, but when i push "New message", in that popped window lithuanian letters are automatically changed to russian, so she has to change it everytime. Is there any solution? Thank You guys!