can't send or receive emails


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Me too. Neither send nor receive is working since November 27, 2017. I have paid 4 USD and upgraded to Basic account today. But, send/receive is still not working on!


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Same here, since about yesterday, cannot send out or receive emails in Scryptmail, even tried sending a test email to myself, in two different Scryptmail accounts, no luck. I tried sending something to from Protonmail, but not sure if it will be received, if all of scryptmail cannot send or receive.

Really helps to have a Protonmail account in times like these (free version).


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I'm sorry. Our server experienced higher, than usual traffic and cause emails to stack up. Now it's back to normal and fully functional. No emails were lost


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I can see it is back to normal now, with emails coming in after delay of a day or so. Hoping this is the last time this happens, as I was very worried.


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just passed the registration, why I do not receive e-mails about been sent a letter with the other mail writes that whom no address help


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acting up again....looks like it was fixed for a moment, but now the same thing is happening.
i can send emails, but am not receiving any emails that haven't originated from scryptmail.
very frustrating.

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