can't reset password


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Hi, guys

due long time of inactivity I forgot my pass on (located at domain) and when I've tried to restore it through reset form, I can't do this; this is my step-by-step description:
1) enter my recovery e-mail
2) get link for recovery
3) follow this link and get form with offer of enter of new pass
4) enter new pass (I use latin symbols & numbers 8-10 of length )
4) push "Save new password" button and...
5) new window with message "a server error has occurred" appears

"that all folks" (c)

for last two days I was trying to recover countless time + wrote to support...


Does anyone has any ideas what can I do?


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funny update

Today I tried to reset my password for 2 times - and success! but... both times new passwords did not much to my mailbox ! I type FULL name of my mailbox: into "login" and paste new password / manually wrote but... invalid login/password!


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I have the same problem. Can anyone tell me if they get this sorted. I am also getting the same server error has occurred.

Can someone please help.


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to avoid standard non-useful letters from support service, you shell describe them detailed step=by-step (better with screen shoots) actions from your side.
In some moment they ask you a few questions concerning your mailbox and write you this one: Dear User we'll forward your case to the Technical Department for investigation.
By the way I highly recommend you to save your new password, which you can't apply and give it to support service.
So, it takes 1 week in my case - and after that w/out any notifications from support's side my new password became valid.

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