can't read new HOTMAIL interface


New Email
Hi: I'm running VISTA... my browser is FIREFOX (the best). When I go to my HotMaiL INBOX with it's new ugly / useless updated OUTLOOK interface to retrieve a message, what I see instead of the original 2 vertical "frames" (left one is the folders column - right USE TO BE the list of my messages titles), now is THREE [3] vertical "frames" instead. The left one is still my folder column. But the old right "list of messages", is now, split into two frams / columns - two separate columns. My old right column is my now newly truncated - by half. The "Message List" fonts have NOT been reduced in size, but I only can now see less then half of the full message titles where as before I could see ALL of it.
What is now readable in the Message List is half of the width that it use to be. The other half of the Message List space that use to be allocated to the message title is now a NEW, third column.
This new column has in it (from top to the bottom of the screen) advertizements. There are two per vertical frame - one over the top of the other.
Visualize individual text type boxes sitting on top of each other. When you roll over one of them it opens a separate idiot box. That box contains an "X" (the CLOSE key) in the upper right corner of it - which does close the new idiot box: BUT, that is ALL closes. And anyway, immediately upon closing that add, a NEW advertisement appears. This is Microsoft at it's worse. If I wasn't so dependent on my eMail service for messages from my family I would switch to APPLE and Safari. Can you help me get rid of this new Advertisement frame (the new THIRD column on the right side of my screen) ?