Can't print on-site emails


New Email
This question may be old hat to most of you, but it's bugged me for so long and has gotten a bit serious recently.

When you are at a [for instance] "Sell your own home" web site and have to send an email to the seller, you click on the blue "contact seller" link. The message you then type is always in a small box that scrolls down as you type. If you try to print it, all you get is the 3-4 short lines that are showing in the box. So you send it on and, of course, your client default mail handler does not show a record of the email as it was handled automatically by the site's mail handler.

Now I badly need a copy of that email and the site owner says that email goes straight to the seller and leaves no record trail there either. And the seller purposely will not respond to the email.

To late for me now, but for future information, is there a work-around to somehow be able to print or create some kind of record of these messages at these web sites?

Thank you,