Can't open Yahoo attachments/any kind


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Help! I recently became unable to open any attachments that arrived through my yahoo ( mail account. When I click on the file to download, it looks like it's scanning to open and then nothing happens. No blank screens, etc. This is with any attachment, pdf, jpeg, etc.

However, I have been temporarily getting around this by forwarding the emails to another account (my work email/Outlook) and opening from that account. No problems there, which leads me to think it's not the anti-virus (free AVG) stopping it. This is becoming somewhat of a pain and I would like to try to figure out why this is happening.

This may have started around the same time yahoo did some type of upgrade or something as I can no longer access my contacts list and I believe this started around that same time also.

Any suggestions?


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I, also, can't open an attachment of any kind at all. When I click on download now, nothing happens. No picture, no file, nothing!
Everywhere I check it says I should get a screen to open or save the file, I get nothing.

Can someone help me, please?

I also need the settings for incoming and outgoing mail for yahoo if anyone can help wit that issue.


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I was helping a friend with the same problem. He is using Avast so I went as far as to remove it in order to see if that was the problem. That didn't help so I installed Avast again. I then took his computer to my place and was able to open all attachments on my network. That told me it was a router issue. His router is a Ubee modem provided by the ISP. I put his computer back on his system and removed the Firewall option from the router. I left the Port Scan option selected. He can now upload/download all attachments.