Can't open messages on Hotmail.


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I cannot open messages on my Hotmail account. There is a pennant, an X, and an envelope with an arrow in it to the left of the subject column. Can anyone help me to be able to open my messages and turn off the 3 symbols that I mentioned above if necessary.


If you hover over these symbols, you'll see little pop-ups with explanations.
1) The "pennant" is a flag you can mark any message with for reasons which are entirely up to you. Usually it is used to mark messages you consider important
2) The X means "delete"
3) envelope+arrow means "make read/unread"

And, finally, to open the message, click anywhere on the text in the Subject or From columns.

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Hi Stevebee,

There are a couple guides and other troubleshooting steps found within this discussion :

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Please let us know which solution fixes the problem for you so we can rank it higher in our troubleshooting guides.

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