Can't open links in Hotmail


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Hi, I'm new here.

For quite some time I have been having this problem, a few weeks I think. I sign into either of my Hotmail accounts fine, however I can't open any of my messages or even send new messages. Some links I click will navigate places however most don't do anything. It's extremely strange and frustrating. My Internet browser is Opera if that matters. :/


edit: I should also mention that just today I created a brand new account and have the exact same problem.

edit # 2: When I right click on the messages or any other menu links I can't open and copy the address and past it into the address bar I just get taken to my Hotmail log in page.

edit # 3: Also, my account was apparently temporarily blocked due to something about thinking there was spam or whatever. However I did the mobile phone verification thing and completed it. During that time though it would tell me some features were temporarily blocked. Could they still be blocked some how?
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