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Hi there

I'm using Incredimail which is fun but hopeless if you have a problem. My ISP is Talktalk by the way.
Recently I found I couldn't delete an e-mail from a friend and it has stayed in the Inbox eversince - not a big problem but a damned nuisance !!!
Predictably Incredimail's support is useless so I have contacted Talktalk who keep all e-mails of course. Iwanted to delete the e-mail from their Webmail but they only showed e-mails for the current day.
When I asked them to display the older e-mails (including the one in question) they said they couldn't do that (???)
So the damned e-mail is still there in the Inbox but I cant delete it or even open it!! I run Windows Live Mail as a backup and had no problem in deleting on that client. So it points to Incredimail who are useless - I even considered changing e-mail client but Incredimail make itdifficult totransfer data. Can you help please folks ???




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Hi Graham,

Have you tried moving the email to another folder?

Have you tried deleting the profile from Incredimail and recreating it?

Make sure to save any important emails first!

It makes sense that TalkTalk webmail doesn't show you old emails if you are configured as a pop and you are downloading email & deleting from the server when connecting.

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Thanks for replying .... I can't move th e-mail anywhere, wont budge !!!

What do you mean by "change profile"? Do you mean uninstall and reinstall?