Can't change my security data


New Email

Recently I had my school e-mail as alternative emailadres in my Hotmail account. However, I graduated a few months back and that e-mail account is deleted so I don't have access to it anymore.

I'm trying to change it, and I also want to add a mobile number. However, it seems this isn't possible anymore.

When I add a new e-mail and phone number a red exclamation mark pops up in front of those new added e-mailadress and phone number. When I want to confirm those, hotmail tries to sent an e-mail to my old school emailadress which is deleted. I should follow the instructions in that e-mail to confirm my newly added e-mailadress and phone number.

As said above, I don't have access to this adress anymore so there is no way I can edit this adress to my new alternative e-mailadress.

Deleting this old e-mailadress is neither possible because it sends an e-mail to this adress, and I don't have access anymore.

How can I fix this?