Can't access emails


New Email
I'm using Mozilla firefox, but have also tried using IE (both latest versions)
and I can't seem to access my emails. I can login fine, I click on the inbox but as soon as I enter the inbox when I try to click on emails nothing happens. When I try to click on junk mail folder or any other folder, nothings happens.

I can access my profile and change settings for my hotmail account but I just can't access any of my emails.

clicking on the send email button or trying to delete emails doesn't work either.

tried everything here

except for these 2.

12. Instead of using your ISP's DNS servers use the OpenDNS servers.

13. Instead of using the webmail interface try reading your Hotmail with Windows Live Mail

and my anti-virus is AVG. My email provider is ii-net.
I've been having this problem for a about 3 months. Can't really say as to what has changed in that time, except newer definitions for AVG and newer versions of both web browsers.

I can access my emails perfectly fine from other machines.