Cannot understand why all mail sent to Gmail and Hotmail goes into the spam/junk folder.


New Email

I have a problem as all my mails are going into the Junk folder in Gmail and Hotmail.

I registered a new domain a few days ago. I created an e-mail account and am sending mail via Roundcube.

The very first mail I sent to my Hotmail account went into spam folder. At first, mails to Gmail went into the inbox. However, after a few days, they also went to the junk folder. Every message no matter what the title or content goes to spam. I am not sending anything spammy at all and, in total, have only sent about 30 messages.

My domain has SPF and DKIM enabled. The headings for the received mail say "spf pass".

I have checked the domain name and it is not on a blacklist. The hosting companies' IP address (which appears in the mail headers) is also not on a blocked list.

So what is the problem? Any ideas? Thanks.