Cannot re-set Password

Emily Richards

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Hi Guy's,
Myself and Husband have a joint hotmail account, we havent used it in a long time and cant remember the password, when I go to reset the password and spell the code my letters are locked onto Upper Case even though the caps lock is not on, I can go no further than there, I have no problem with this at any other time. We are wanting to use this account, Hope You Can Help.
Thanking You
Emily R

Emily Richards

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Hey guy's, I have just started up another joint account for myself and husband. So can disregard the above request. I will make sure I remember this password.
Thank You


EQ Forum Admin
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I see that you have another account, but most CAPTCHA's (the funny letters you have to type) are not case sensitive.

I don't think that them appearing as upper case should have been an issue.

Did you try to submit your answer in upper case anyways?

Emily Richards

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All is ok now, I started up another account, I hadnt used the old one so it probably wasnt active anyway.
Thank You for you help
Regards Em