Can`t acces email


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Hi, I desperately need help! I am trying for more than a month to acces my email. I tried a recovery form, but they rejected it because lack of information. I also tried reset password but I could not because the alternate email is hacked. Please help because I need my account. :thanks:


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It sounds like they took the time to look at your acocunt.

Are you able to remember some of the subject lines that were received before the account was hacked?

What kind of information did Hotmail want that you could not provide?


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Well, It was a while ago, so I don` remember that.

I couldn`t remember the answer for secret question, I didn`t gave the credit car info because I don`t have it, and I didn` made any new folder for emails.


Customer Service
Maybe if you could provide detailed information regarding specific emails that are in the account that would help. They asked for credit card info? How would they have your credit card information?