Can I block sender irrespective of domain?


New Email

Starting a couple of days ago I am being deluged with junk emails from accounts of the form
newsletter@bogusdomain1, newsletter@bogusdomian2, newsletter@bogusdomain3, etc.

1. I would expect to be able to block all email from newsletter@*. That is apparently not
possible. (If I am wrong please point it out).

2. I set up my account with a safe sender list years ago and specified that Hotmail was only to
trust email from safe senders. These messages are not from people on my safe senders list,
so why are these junk email messages now ending up in my inbox?

3. When I open one of the emails Hotmail warns me "Be careful. This message looks like a
phishing scam". If Hotmail can tell the messages are dangerous garbage why is it putting
them in my inbox?