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I have tried many ways to block regular as well as robo spam, without success. Have used wild card character, ** and ??, as well. Have used various uses of the 4 filter options, still no success. Also, is there a way of blocking domains in yahoo mail?


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Hi britep,

Message rules and filters are not an effective way to block spam.

They can be used to block a very specific condition, but over time it's a messy and ineffective way to try and block all possible types of spam.

Spam filtering is best accomplished by your email service provider.

It's also possible to use 3rd party software with a mail program on your computer that can scan email downloaded over POP3 connections to your email service is you find that your email service doesn't do a good enough job for you.

What email program or email service are you using that you want to create the message rules in to try and block more spam?