Blocked Hotmail account


New Email
My Hotmail has been suspended, or blocked rather. These idiots at their stupid customer service system deemed the information provided to not be enough to recover my fucking account, frankly I think it's fucking retarded that they don't use common sense to make decisions.

Several weeks about, about 4 now I woke up to find my email account was blocked. To be honest I signed up to a dodgy website, to see if I can unlock my BlackBerry by myself. That didn't work. That's the last thing I remember doing and the only thing I remember doing that could have caused such a thing.

Anyway, it was blocked. They said go through the recovery process which is either 1) use the recovery code sent to your alternate email, in my case that email is: - I can't access that anymore since College is over, they change hte password every year. I've finished college so I can't even go back there - probably removed off the system and that email should be gone by now. 2) use their shitty recovery form, which is the shittest thing I've come across in my life. They tell you to put in old passwords, in my case I have just 1, the recent email subject you sent, which is quite easy to remember but I don't remember the emails I've sent as I only use this email to receive most of the time and if my account has been suspended apparently it's due to me sending junk email. Maybe from that website? Not sure at all. But the idiots will probably think I sent those, hence I'd have to input those emails as my recently sent ones which makes no clear sense. Fucking morons. They also say the people I sent it too. Which is and, the last two I remember sending emails to? Then some other stuff I forgot.

I've done this process at least 10 times, until finally they said I should just open a new account.

This has heavily infuriated me, from the bottom of my heart I wish death upon the people at Hotmail. They don't deserve to breath. My UCAS is linked with this email, I have to get information from this email otherwise I won't be able to log in to UCAS in 2 and a half weeks time when I'm accepting my Uni offer. It's also linked to my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and makes no sense at all. In the other form where you can explain in detail this problem, they keep replying saying no the information isn't good enough... What sense does this make? How can you deny someone who is using that email to log into other things. For most of these websites I've signed up for you have to confirm that is your email address before you're allowed to do anything.

Anyway, I want to be linked with a Hotmail representative, not their forums, not their stupid recovery methods which goes around in circles and tells me I'm not me so I should stop trying. Just get me with a Hotmail representative so I can make him or her feel stupid, then let them unblock my account.

P.S. I applied to at least 30 jobs in the past week prior to my account being suspended, I don't know the results of the interviews as they were sent by emails, I feel very foolish to phone and say "Uhm I had an interview, my account has been blocked. What happened?" and they tell me I had an assessment which I missed, HENCE I lost the job. Now I've been sitting here every day trying to recover my email, they get back to me within 2 days, and nothing changes my situation just gets more dire.

Please someone help me,