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my partners email has been blocked and we cant unblock it because the email address that they send the code to in no longer in use. does anyone know we can get the account unblocked i tried hotmail tech support they put the phone down on me when i told them i didnt want to pay them for procection, :confused:


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These people will help :)[/QUOTE]

My hotmail account has been temporarily been blocked automatically by Hotmail. When I log in I get the message "Your account has been blocked". Then when I click 'continue' I get message "How do you want to receive your code?". I have the code but its not matching( don't know why??). Secondly when I specify the mail id & Press "Send Code" it asks to write down the codes in picture given below (security) but the picture isnt seen everytime. So in big mess.

I am not able to contact the hotmail also.
Can somebody tell how to overcome this??? For how many days my account shall be locked if not unlocking by above tried methods??
Is there anyway I can directly contact means any email ID or customer care ???

Please help me!!