Blocked Account - Alternate Email Account No Longer Exsists


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I am trying to unblock my Account. It has not been compromised or hacked.

The code to unblock is being sent to a very old email address that is closed. So I will never get the code to unblock?

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!



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My account is blocked and has been for a few weeks. I tried the above link with no success. I am getting desperate now. Please help.


Customer Service
The link above is for a HACKED link. You said yours is blocked. These are two different things. The above link would not help you. You need to follow the steps for a blocked account which can be found HERE


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Theresa thank you for the advice, however I have tried this link. The problem I have is that I have changed the email address I need to the code sent to and I do not get the option to change it. I don't understand why Hotmail don't have an address or number we can direct these types of issues to.




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Hi I am also having this issue. I need the code but cannot access the old email account. Could you please help me with how to log into my email without the code or try to get the code sent to my phone? the email is