Blocked account after trying to find out password


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So from step to step what happened is:

- I need this email to restore a game account

- I tried to recover password since i dont remember it, i have this 2nd email to help to make new password, but the codes sent to that email are ''unvalid'' ive tried it 5 times, also i tried to fill all information

- I tried to send code to mobile phone, but i dont have the phone anymore

* after all this fail, i just tried to guess my password but after 10 tries or more my hotmail account got blocked, i would really appreciate any help, i got like 300€ in game, i need to restore this hotmail account


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I see, the other post here was about an email address associated with Xbox Live?

If proving your identity to Microsoft doesn't work to get back the Hotmail account, the Xbox Live customer service should be able to change the email address associated with your Xbox Live account so you can get back access to any credits and your points.

Have you tried this link?


New Email
well im now in touch with microsoft secure, he asked for a code when i tried to fill information,

''look near the bottom of the mail, and you will find an Account Recovery Request Number. If you send me that number, I can escalate your case through customer support.''

You asked for restore of acount code: ********(number) is closed. please dont reply this message.

i thought it was that one so ive sent it to him and maybe tomorrow i will have account, i will tell you when i know more, im waiting for him to reply for the code i've sent thanks very much