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I work in public relations, so I send out stories in high-volume through gmail. When reporters ask me to take them off my lists, I can't always remember names/email addresses when I am sending new story ideas. Is there a way to block a receiver or label their contact info so when I enter it in a new message it alerts me not to email these people?


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Hi Bridget,

If I'm understanding correctly, you have a large contact list in your Gmail, but sometimes you want to exclude some contacts when you "email all"?

Trying to manually remember which email addresses to exclude is tough and I'm not aware of a Gmail feature that will generate a warning if certain addresses are included on an email.

Gmail has the reverse, they'll recommend addresses they think you forgot, but not the other way around.

Have you considered using an email newsletter service for sending the high-volume email?

I recommend trying both MailChimp and AWeber.

I like MailChimp because if your email list isn't too big you can send through them for free.

A con of MailChimp is that your account will quickly get blocked if a few subscribers on your new mailing list report your email as spam.

To get around that problem, or as a backup plan if you try MailChimp first and it doesn't work out, try using AWeber.

AWeber costs $1 to get started. They have a feature that allows you to copy in your existing list of addresses while MailChimp prefers that you ask the contacts to subscribe to your mailing list.

Another reason to use either of these services is that they will automatically track your lists, remove bad addresses, and allow the media contacts to unsubscribe so you don't need to worry about excluding them from your mailings.

Both services make it easy to update your lists with new subscribers. You can even include a subscribe form on your web site.

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