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I have several websites and a cheap webhost. I requested my own ipaddress to avoid being blacklisted, but it takes time to obtain new ipaddresses for my hosting provider.

Meanwhile my domain-email is blacklisted because the shared ip-address is blacklisted.

What options do I have to solve this problem in a professional way?
My host suggestes to use the smtp of my my internet access provider.
Is that really a good solution?
Because then my mail from does not correspond to the smtp-server.


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Hi plunk,

My first suggestion is change your hosting provider. Many web hosting providers can give you a custom reverse DNS record and a dedicated IP address. How much web hosting do you do? I like the Amazon AWS hosting. Godaddy has some cheap web hosting too. I used to manage several managed/dedicated/shared web servers there but recently moved all of them over to the Amazon AWS/EC2 hosting. Who is your existing hosting provider? You may be able to use a 3rd party such as Gmail if you do not send too many emails per day. Your ISP is not likely to allow you to send email from off network unless they off smtp authentication like a Gmail account. A 3rd party smtp service is Outgoing authenticated SMTP server and email relay service (solves most SMTP and email relay errors)..

Please let us know which solution you choose.

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Hi Popowich,
Thank you for replying!
I have several dutch websites (.nl). I think only dutch companies can do domainname registration of .nl.
Changing hostingprovider is on my mind. But my hostingprovider is promising me I will have my own IP-address as soon as he gets new IP's. I hope that happens very soon and that he is going to keep his promise.
I tried using 3-party: my own internetprovider, on my Joomla-website, but somehow I failed. I think using my internetprovider (ziggo) it is impossible to combine to I know gmail can, I could try that now. I simple don't know enough about this and reading information in English is though to me.