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Hey folks.

I use gmail, both on my phone and the webclient, as a desktop client I'm using gmail through thunderbird. Anyhow, I'm asking about something I've never seen before, in all my years of emailing. I've recently acquainted with someone (who seems to be using the same ISP as other people I know) but her e-mails are the only ones to look bizarre. When I pull up one of her emails on gmail (web) it's only like 3-5 words per line, when I pull the same emails from her up on my phone (gmail client for iOS) it's 1 letter per line!! :confused: What's going on here, it's making it impossible to read her emails on my phone, and cumbersome on my computer.
On thunderbird, my desktop client the emails actually format properly, an the mails look normal. Huh? Why is only thunderbird properly formatting them?

Closest I can come is that she's running some program which formats text, or pasting it in from another program, but I've done that too in the past (like pasting text in from word documents), and have never come across this problem. (My mails formatted properly regardless of what client I viewed them in) What could be the issue here? Likely suspects? What third party programs could cause formatting fails like that? Anyone experienced this too?

I'd not only appreciate knowing how a possible workaround would look like for me, but as a tech enthusiast, also what likely software suspects may be involved.



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Hi Rainsong,

What mail program do they use to compose and send their email? Looks like you thought of that, but have you asked? The first program that comes to mind for me is an old text based email program called PINE that could be used at those vt100 terminals at libraries and Universities. Programs like that would let you set the characters (columns) width of your email and screen. Does the email have the same problem regardless of which program you use to read the email? Can you post the full headers from one of their emails? Are they sending plain text or html emails? If you read them as plain text do they still wrap after a few characters?

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