Big Email Problem - Employer Sent Mass Email With 1350 Employees in the "To" Line Instead of "BCC"


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Hi, folks. I am happy to be here. I have a fairly big email problem. Last night, my employer sent out a mass email to me and 1350 other employees. They used the "To" field for the email addresses rather than "BCC", so, of course, I can see all of these email addresses and these people can see my email address. I manage my own email since it is my personal domain email. I use cPanel. Can I block all of these email addresses at once or can this only be done individually? I'm LIVID over this. I've done well over the years to protect this email address from the eyes of people who don't need to know it. That's all gone now thanks to my ignorant employer.



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Why do you want to block these email addresses? To prevent them from emailing you? They already 'know' your address. Every time you use this email address to send it becomes more public.


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I have no recent experience of cPanel, unfortunately.

You say your employer sent an e-mail to other employees, does your company have it's own domain that it sends e-mails through?

If so, presumably the majority if not all e-mail addresses of the other employees would also be using the company domain address?

I'm retired now, but I did not give my employers any personal domain e-mail addresses, I usually gave a gmail address instead.

If you can manage to set up some filtering in cPanel, I would suggest that you then give your employer a new e-mail contact address, that is not on your personal domain.