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Just joined the forum yesterday and finding it really good!

I have a question related to mass mailing:

I have a valuable product which I would like to pitch to people through email. I will not be spamming anyone at all because the product actually saves them heaps of money if they use the information that I give. I expect almost everyone to buy - who wouldn't like to save money on what they spend so much money on!

The question is - I have an email database of my prospective customers. Now how do I send a mass mail to them introducing my product and explaining the benefits. I do know that if I send emails for a bunch of people through email providers like Gmail and Hotmail I will either lose my account or the email won't reach the recipients.

So what is the best way to go about it - if there is a free method that is good but I don't mind spending some money.

I also have email hosting through GoDaddy but I think it is just the same as having a free mail account as far as sending mass mails goes.

Inputs will be greatly appreciated!


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I do have GR but I don't think it will work for my campaign. I need an alternative which will give me more control. Besides I have an external list.

I have my own VPS. What are the steps to have an email mass mailer built on a VPS. Do I have to use SMTP relays, rotating IP/proxy etc etc. And then what about deliver ability and confirmations of in-boxing?

Actually there's a ton of software and all kinds of information. I am looking for a simple solution with what I have (a VPS) to start off with say 1k mass mails per day and then increase it gradually.

I know of Is that a one-stop solution for my campaign?

Shall appreciate all suggestions...


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Reputation and feedback are important.

I do not recommend tossing some random mass mailer software found on a web page somewhere onto a server and using it for bulk mailing. That most likely will lead to many problems and headaches, blacklistings, and eventually a ruined reputation and list of subscribers.

For those that are comfortable with their own servers I recommend Amazon SES as a platform where you can build a Linux instance and send out using the SES service which many email providers are aware of and providing feedback against.