Been trying to recover my account for over month now


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I lost my password for my hotmail account, but still have been using it on my Blackberry. When i submit my info to validate my account they say that i haven't given them the correct info. This is irritating me so much as i need to recover my account inorder to get into my send messages to forward very important info. How do i go about recovering my account. I've oly had bad experiences with this account in the 7 years+ that i've had this account. The customer service isn't the best of help.:hammer: :mad:

pls contact me on (email deleted)

kind regards
Maritza Wilde
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Customer Service
We do not work for hotmail. We help people with email questions. I deleted your email from the above post because unless you love to get spam, never post your email in a public place. :)

Follow the steps found HERE to recover your hotmail account.