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I use several different groups for a community bulletin board and I send out messages to 2 groups at a time. Have from 27-30 names in each group.
When a new person asks to be added, I have always assigned them to a group AFTER entering them into my contacts. For some reason, the last two I tried to add - when I go to BCC and select a group, their name does not come up.???
When I LOOK at a group, their name IS listed and they ARE counted and it says RPBB2 has 29 names. However, when I send out an e-mail and select RPBB2, my list of groups to choose comes up and it says RPBB2 28 names???? And does not include the last contact???
Until the last two names were added, the number of names when I choose the group has always automatically added the names????


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What email service/program you are using?
The number of addresses in the address fields (to, cc, bcc) are often limited.


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Forgot to say.... yahoo mail. Have MORE names in other groups than what I have tried to ADD names to?????